ART Exhibition on Student Led Conference Day

Preps trying their hand at sewing


Hand/Eye coordination was the focus this week for PREP students who were using needle and thread to learn how to create stitches. After learning the basics they created their own sketches on the hessian fabric which they sewed over the top of.


Prep Crazy Heads

Students in Prep have had a great time creating their Crazy Heads.

Students taking “action” – PREP

Action at home is a powerful indicator that learning has taken place and students have APPLIED what they know.
Sara has taken some of the knowledge and skills she has learnt during ART to create her own Papier Mache creation.


Prep Crazy Heads

Students are creating their own Papier Mache Crazy Heads.



Preps and bugs

Prep Cutting skills

Prep Students have been practicing using scissors and cutting out their own Warm or Cool Coloured Leaves made from tissue paper.





Preps – this is my family (water colour wash)

Students created pictures of their family with oil pastels.  Then they used a water colour wash over the top of their drawings.


P1110970 P1110971 P1110972 P1110973 P1110974

Prep W My Family …… using oil pastels and a watercolour wash.

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