Grade 2 being creative with a paper bag and a whole variety of materials

Grade 2 Chalk Artists

Take your pastel for a walk (to Star Wars Music)

ART Exhibition on Student Led Conference Day

Grade 2 Clay work- Owls

Grade 2 students finished creating their OWLS – they learnt the techniques of “SLIP and SCORING” to add features to their work. They added texture and once their owls had been fired in our new KILN they were able to paint them.

Grade 2 clay work

Grade 2 Update on Hats






Grade 2 Rolling paper beams.

Students have learnt how to roll paper beams from newspaper on a piece of dowel. They have mastered the technique and have been discovering the strength of the paper after being rolled.  They were also surprised at what else can be made from the beams.


Grade 2BC Making the hats!

This week Grade 2 have been rolling paper beams and started making their designs.



Creating a hat…….. Grade 2’s are designing their own crazy hats.

P1110660P1110661P1110662Grade 2 students have been exploring the uses of different hats. They looked at the variety of styles, designs and uses. They will be creating a hat using paper beams (rolled up newspaper, wound around dowel) and using their creative talents see what they come up with.

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