ART Exhibition on Student Led Conference Day

Grade 1 Printing………..

Students in Grade One have been learning about different printing methods. They had experience with printing on a Silk Screen and using a variety of objects found in the art room to create prints.

Gr 1 UOI Travel – Vehicle collages

Grade 1 students have been inquiring about modes of transport. Using the Eric Carle technique they created their own unique painting paper.

In their sketchbook they chose a type of vehicle to sketch.

Next they created their vehicle using their special paper.



Grade 1 transport – making patterned paper

Students in Grade 1 are looking at transport. They will be choosing a vehicle to recreate from patterned paper.

Grade 1 Finished Celebrity Portraits

Grade 1’s have been working so hard on completing their Celebrity Portraits. Their likenesses will surprise you.  They are currently being displayed in the corridor outside the main reception area.

Grade 1 Celebrity Portraits

Every student in Grade One chose a person who works in some capacity at IICS.  We talked about all people being a ‘celebrity’. So far they have done their drawing of the person they chose.


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