Grade 4 Nesting Dolls

ART Exhibition on Student Led Conference Day

Grade 4 Using Plaster Casting to create a Babushka Doll

Grade 4M Faces iMovies

Students in Grade 4M have finished their photography unit and have created their iMovie on Finding Faces in the environment. Enjoy their creativity.

Please click on the link below to access your i Movie.

Please add your comments about the videos on this post.

Grade 4 Photography – FACES

Students in Grade 4 had a field trip to the local village on the hunt for faces in the environment.
They discovered many interesting faces and met a some very friendly locals as well.


See if you can find the faces…….

Grade 4M – the painting

Grade 4 students have started painting their very intricate designs.  They are using very fine brushes and water colour paint washes.P1120099P1120100P1120106P1120107P1120108P1120109

Creating the Masai warriors and patterning

Creating the Masai warriors and patterning



Looking at the Masai people and their culture

Grade 4’s are looking into the Masai people and their unique culture. The emphasis has been on the use of patterns in the clothing they wear. Students re created patterns and came up with some of their own.

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